Sex in San Diego Public Places

best sex in san diego

Adults Only! Best public places to have SEX in San Diego

Remember, if you get caught, people might act disgusted, but they’re actually envious. Take your pick of elevators, parking lots, park bathrooms, or school playgrounds. Chances are, somebody got lucky there.

San Diego Smoking Hot Waitresses

Hot waitresses in their natural environment are remarkable. When multiple hot waitresses are in the area a special marketplace is created where excessive flirting and gratuitous cleavage can be exchanged for heinous pick up lines and exhorbanent tips. It is here that we celebrate such rituals and pay our respect to hot waitresses in San Diego.

Music to listen to while having SEX on a San Diego beach

  1. “Tighter and Tighter,” Alive and Kicking
  2. “The Biggest Part of Me,” Ambrosia
  3. “Night Time is the Right Time,” Tina Turner
  4. “Magnet and Steel,” Walter Egan
  5. “Do You Think I’m Sexy,” Rod Stewart
  6. “So Into You,” Atlanta Rhythm Section
  7. “Sex Machine,” James Brown
  8. “Slippery When Wet,” The Commodores
  9. “Dirty Love,” Frank Zappa
  10. “Escape,” Rupert Holmes
  11. “Me & Mrs. Jones,” Billy Paul
  12. “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’,” Journey
  13. “Go All the Way,” Raspberries
  14. “Groove Me,” Fern Kinney
  15. “I Want You,” “Let’s Get it On,” “Sexual Healing,” Marvin Gaye
  16. “How Deep is Your Love,” The Bee Gees