Hunter S. Thompson at UCSD

San Diego, California 1978

Photos of his appearance at UCSD taken by yours truly will appear at some future date.

Fear and Loathing on the College Lecture Circuit: If that is the title of the next book by Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, few of his readers will be surprised.

Wearing a red baseball cap, with a half-smoked cigar dangling from an over-long holder in one hand, and a bottle of beer in the other, Thompson in his inimicable way stumbled onto the stage at UCSD Tuesday night. But the audience was understanding as he placed the carryall bag containing his six-pack on the stage behind the chair he never used, and became entangled in the microphones “It’s going to be worse,” he tells a delighted audience of about 700 jammed into the auditorium. “I haven’t told you the bad news yet.”

More Hunters S. Thompson apperarance at UCSD.   How old was HST? B: 1937 D: 2005

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
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Woody Creek, Colorado, 2005

With a deafening boom, the ashes of Hunter S. Thompson were blown into the sky amid fireworks late last night (August 20, 2005) as relatives and a star-studded crowd bid an irreverent farewell to the founder of "gonzo journalism."

As the ashes erupted from a tower, red, white, blue and green fireworks lit up the sky over Thompson's home near Aspen.

The 15-story tower was modeled after Thompson's logo: a clenched fist, made symmetrical with two thumbs, rising from the hilt of a dagger.

"He loved explosions," explained his wife, Anita Thompson.

UPDATE July 4th, 2008: A new documentary “Gonzo” by director Alex Gibney has been released. “He was an outlaw, and we love our outlaws,” Gibney said in a recent phone interview. “He rocketed back and forth between highs and lows, between idealism and possibility on one hand, and fear and loathing on the other. He was an essentially American contradiction. Hunter never played by the rules,” Gibney said. “His attitude was, 'You want to play checkers? OK, I'll play chess.' ”