The 1972 Republican National Convention
San Diego, California



The Story

Yes, I know the 1972 Republican National Convention actually took place in Miami. Some might say an omen of things to come for the Republican candidate.

As you may remember, in his 1972 bid for office, Richard Nixon defeated Democratic candidate George McGovern by one of the widest margins on record. Watergate related issues forced Nixon to resign in August 1974.*

The Journal of San Diego History Fall 1992, Volume 38, Number 4, provides more of the story behind the aborted San Diego Republican National Convention:

"In May of 1972, a mere three months before the convention,the Republican National Committee announced that it was pulling out of San Diego and moving the convention to Miami." When the Elephants Marched Out of San Diego: The 1972 Republican Convention Fiasco.

"Souvenir shops were left with boxes of ashtrays, glasses and other items depicting San Diego as the site of the convention. Souvenir vendors had little to worry about; most of the items were bought up by collectors or by Democrats who gave them to their Republican friends as joke items."

The matchbooks pictured above were some of the promotional materials left over from that aborted convention.

Fascinating Trivia: The area code for San Diego back in those days was 714!

The original box (not pictured) contains 20+ of these rare matchbooks.

*Democratic candidates Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton had their own questionable policies.